Corey Maass smiling with glasses on

Corey Maass
Developer, owner of Gelform

Hello! I'm Corey.

I'm a full-stack web developer specializing in advanced WordPress functionality.

I work with agencies and businesses, large and small, on sites large and small.

I also build full Saas apps and professional-grade WordPress plugins.

I apply a start-up mentality, focusing on solving problems quickly so ideas can be tested.

I'm powered by 4 cups of Yorkshire Gold tea per day and dad jokes.

Top Companies I've worked with

Focus Features
Film and media

Finance blog

West Elm
Luxury furniture and home goods

Seattle magazine
Seattle's most popular magazine

VIP WordPress agency

Premiere WordPress plugin

Post Status
WordPress business community

Top people I've worked with

I’ve worked with Corey for over two years and can't recommend him highly enough. He’s an excellent developer but also has a deep product vision that makes his work even better. He truly gets what his work does for the client but remains flexible to ensure the work stays on track as well as highly impactful. He’s also an incredible human.

- Cory Miller
Post Status

Our website needed an experienced developer to fix a few errors and make a few adjustments. Corey has not only accomplished our entire to-do list, but he has personally taught me how to perform a variety of maintenance tasks in the backend of our website, making it easier for me to make small adjustments as needed. We are very pleased with Corey and Gelform!

- Ashley, Director of Operations

Corey is incredibly passionate when it comes to the success of his clients. He supported our website design from inception to completion, and there was no time when we felt he was unavailable. He made the whole process incredibly smooth. Safe to say that there isn’t anyone else that I would ever use for web development services.

- Ali Saas
Vanta STEM

Corey took our new website from concept to deployment and made it possible for us to manage it on our own going forward. He figured out graphically and technically how to present live content to be called from a remote server, making it possible to showcase our company. He was responsive and attentive, including answering questions that came up after going live. Really a pleasure to work with!

- Scott Kolber

SaaS apps and games I've built with WordPress

Play Mexican Train online with friends

Productivity timer

Music demo service

crop images consistently online

Premium WordPress plugins I've built

Featured image editor

A kanban board in your WordPress admin

Social Link Pages
Link-in-bio page builder for WordPress