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You won’t see me at a conference for a while

My foray into WordPress product started in march last year (2015) at the Atlanta WordCamp conference. I went as a developer, but my entrepreneur hat is always in my back pocket. I met the good people at Ninja Forms, and Andy from and my mind was blown. There’s money to be made in WordPress product beyond $5 plugins on Code Canyon. But I digress.

So as March rolled around this year, you can imagine how excited I was.

But looking back, I realized that most of the value I got out of going was in the “hallway track”. Meeting people in-between sessions, or in the lobby during session, was more valuable than the sessions themselves to me.

I also realized that I was going to spend a few hundred dollars, and miss a week of work, both the day job and my WordPress side projects (I add a few days for a detour to visit my folks).

I also want to go to WordCamp US (miss 4 days of work, spend $1000).

I was also offered a ticket to Pressnomics, where I’m sure to meet my rockstars (miss 4 days of work, spend $1000).

In my year of trying to build WordPress product, I haven’t yet earned a few hundred dollars, let alone a few thousands.

Which made me start thinking about what I want to get out of all this. Money, certainly, but I’d feel better going to these events with something concrete to talk about and promote. And if I’m going rub elbows with my rockstars, I’d rather have specific questions to ask, and download links to refer to.

And I bet I can accomplish those things by writing code during the time I would spend in the hallway.

I’ve got a bit of a deal with myself – if I earn $1000 by December then I’ll go to WordCamp US. That seems like good trade-off, and marketing opportunity, having actually released the products, and achieved a little momentum.

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