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Ultralight Startups meet-up, March, 2009

Last Thursday, I again found myself at the Ultralight Startups meet-up at For Your Imagination in midtown (is 27th street midtown? I can never remember). The theme of the night was Employment-Related Business Models, which would’ve interested me last month, but I’ve since got a day job (it occurs to me that I should write about that too. Too many things to write about!). Anyway, I’m mostly interested in pitching, hearing pitches, and seeing what interesting things people are doing on the web.

The definition of an Ultralight startup is still being honed, but there’s intrinsically a web component. I am a web nerd, so I can find something of interest in any topic being discussed. And one of the components of the meet-up is a 60 second “elevator” pitch. I love talking about dubfiler, so I enjoy this format. I’ve only gone to a couple of these, but I personally find the combination of small business and web focus really interesting.

The main pitch that stood out to me was for Urban Interns. I still fear it’s a misnomer, as they’re really pushing part-time employment, but it’s the kind of work that I’ve been hiring friends for. A few hours here and there doing odd jobs, or specific jobs but that doesn’t warrant posting on elance or guru. I look forward to trying out their service.

Afterwards I went for a drink with a few stragglers and enjoyed chatting to Graham, the founder of the group, Jeff, one of the sponsors, and Allen, from alistplacements and one of the panelists. It’s often these off moments when you better meet people. It’s a good group and look forward to watching it grow.

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