Gelform builds Web Applications

Technology has finally caught up with me!

Four or five years ago I built an app called Friendlynote – a way to see the status of all your projects at a glance. Because I’m a nerd it took me about 200 hours to build it. After a couple years of no one using it except me (I peaked at a dozen users), I shut it down.

Recently I found myself wanting a product like that again, so I started over. Check out

Because of Built from Ideas, I’ve streamlined the way I can spin ups on the backend, using the Slim Framework, and Redbean. Four years ago we had jQuery. Now We have jQueryUI, Bootstrap, and so many amazing plugins that solve every problem you can imagine.

Long story short, I’ve rebuilt it again. This time it took me 20 hours. It’s more reliable. It’s faster. It’s responsive. It automatically generates souce code for Phonegap, so there will be apps for iPhone and Android soon. In 20 hours!

I’ll give myself a little credit. After dozens of products launched, I’m better at building apps, sure. But with the available libraries, plugins, patterns, and hardware out there now, it’s unbelievable how awesome how far web technology has come.

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