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Mandrill vs Mailgun

First I used Sendgrid, starting around 2011. They were the only game in town (that I knew of), but their tiered (autocorrect changed that to “tired” which might be right) pricing hurt my overhead. So a couple years later, when I heard about Mandrill, with their 12k free emails and owned by Mailchimp, I switched immediately, and set up accounts for every one of my projects.

Which is probably part of the problem – most of us were mooching. but surely they expected that? But I digress…

Mandrill was great for sending emails, and I would often pair it with Mailgun to parse incoming emails. 12k outgoing and 10k incoming emails was amazing. I never paid a penny.

But I might’ve. Mandrill never gave me a chance.

Last fall, I noticed Mandrill dropped new accounts to 2k free emails. It was not communicated to existing customers, that I know of. There was no notice, no email, no word, that we were being grandfathered in.

Maybe because we weren’t. A few weeks later I received an email for each of my accounts that they would now require a Mailchimp account, and a minimum of $10/month. No grandfathering. No discount. Nothing. It saddens me to see a service I was so excited about, which is a product of Mailchimp who is known for their customer experience, handle this so badly.

So no big deal. Over the last few months, I’ve switched all of my properties to Mailgun.

Yesterday I had an experience, showing the difference between Mandrill and Mailgun, humorously juxtaposed.

I have at least a dozen sites that have been switched from Mandrill to Mailgun. With a week till the paywall cutoff, I received a dozen emails from Mandrill reminding me (the one thing they’ve done well is communicate the cutoff).

I *also* received a dozen emails from Mailgun, asking how they’re doing. Even better, they used a service called, which asks one question. Simple, direct, easy. I barely resisted actually replying a dozen times, just because it was so easy.

For every email I got from Mandrill, reminding me they just saw me as a transaction, I got an email from Mailgun asking for my feedback. One for one, all day long. I laughed every time.

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