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Make your business cards write-on-able

A quick rant.

No app has replaced the simplicity of a business card. I still give them and and receive them, often.

A long time ago I learned to write something about you when you give me your business card. If you asked me a question, or we talked about something specific, I’ll try to jot that on your card so I can mention it when I follow up with you.

Assuming your card isn’t black. Or waxed paper. Or so busy with images and text that I can’t find a place to write on.

Another great trick is to write something about me when I give you my card. If you’re struggling with wordpress, I might write “wordpress expert” on the back of my card before giving it to you.

My cards are mostly white splace. They make great little notecards.

I’ve met random people on the bus, and found out something useful. I wanted to remember it, and didn’t have my phone handy (blasphemy, I know). You know what I did? I pull out my *own* business card and wrote myself a note. Can you imagine?

Please make your business cards write-able. Less is more.

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