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Introducing Social Link Pages

As a musician, I’m always looking for new ways and new tools to promote myself. I’m active on the big social marketing channels so I’m always looking for ways to get more out of my social media marketing.

Some channels, Twitter and Instagram, for example, only let you link to one site in your bio. So I only have one chance to catch someone’s attention. Generally, I would link directly to my website homepage. The problem is my homepage, like most homepages, is a series of lists. It’s a lot of content. I could change this, but as a homepage, it works well.

However, it does not work well as a focused sales page. Sometimes called squeeze pages or landing pages, sales page have a single goal.

Recently I noticed a new trend. A lot of people were using what looked like shortened URLs in their bios. But instead of or other shorteners I’m used to, the links often started with is a simple service that lets you build a single sales page full of links for use in your social profiles (and sharing around the web). It’s a short, focused squeeze page full of links. And because you use the link everywhere, if you update it on, it’s updated for anyone who visits. Pretty slick.

But there are a few shortcomings. First, you’re relying on a third-party to always be online. You’re also giving them all your data, and you lose access to that data if you ever decide to stop paying. And finally, you’re sending all of your social traffic to someone else’s website. Why not push them to your own site?!

So I created a plugin to solve the same problems but leveraging WordPress and your own website. Introducing Social Link Pages.

Now, from within your WordPress admin, you can create as many link pages as you’d like. In effect, you can create multiple squeeze pages, each with a single focus, and share each landing page URL where they can do the most good. All traffic is driven to your website and you own all of the data.

Creating pages is simple. You do not need to tweak your theme and there’s no risk of breaking your website (I started with trying to create simple pages without headers, footers, sidebars, etc and whoops! My site broke). Instead, head to the new Link Pages section. Decide on a URL, customize your new page with an image, buttons, links and more. That’s it! Share the URL and all views and clicks are recorded.

The plugin does what I needed, so I’ve released it for free on the WordPress plugin repo. I have some ideas for future features, but I hope to see how people are using it first. I also may introduce a Pro paid version for niche uses like download gates. Help me decide! Please give it a try, let me know what you think, and send me feature requests!

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