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I'm… so… alone…

I’m currently on a Bob Walsh kick. Between the Micro-ISV book and his marketing e-book, I’m going to master everything micro-ISV and take over the world. Anyway, a question I’ve been pondering lately is about running DubFiler and whether it’s wise to try to run it all alone. (Can you take over the world by yourself?) Since I’m looking to Bob for all the answers right now, I thought I’d send him an email. His answer is the resulting blog post on his blog.

To Partner or not to Partner, that is the question.

This is one of those questions that feels huge when I think about it, but then I stop thinking about it. What I mean is that the amount of attention it’s paid in writing makes it feel big. The reason I asked is because in most books they tell you in bold letters, “Don’t go it alone!” But it still doesn’t feel right to me. I do most things on my own. So when I stop thinking about the question, things feel right again and I go on my merry way.

Once again there’s no clear answers.


I’m looking forward to his subsequent posts about finding the right person. Perhaps understanding the ying to my yang will make me search for someone to spoon with, business-wise.

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