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From app to cookie

There’s an awesome bakery in New York City called Hope, Faith and Gluttony that features a really novel product. They’ll take your photos and print them on cookies.

When they approached me, their process was limited to the customer emailing their photos after placing an order. Then someone at the bakery had to manually place the images on a template for printing. (Yes, they have a special printer that prints your photos in icing!)

So I built them a neat little app that allows customers to upload their photos, crop and place them, like this, and them submit their order.
Screen Shot of image uploader

It generates a pdf, specially formatted for the icing printer, like so:
Screen Shot of generated pdf

And then a couple weeks later you get cookies!

A very special someone got me an order for my birthday, so I got see my face on cookies! It was a lot of fun to see how the product actually works. Check out the final product!

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