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Challenges of building a remote job board

At the beginning of the year I built, a remote job board, specifically for aggregating remote-only and telecommuting jobs from existing job boards out there, like Authentic Jobs and Github.

Job boards are easy to build, frankly, but are a challenge to drive traffic to. No one will visit unless you’ve got jobs. No one will post jobs unless you’ve got traffic.

To overcome this, I’m aggregating. What I failed to ask myself is why would anyone buy a job post from me, if they can post it on Authentic Jobs, and end up on for free?

As a last effort, I applied for Google Ads, but they didn’t accept my application (!) due to a “lack of original content”.

So it stands as an in-bound marketing project, and resume piece. Not exactly what I planned on, but I’ll take it! 🙂

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